Fiscal, Juridical and
economical case reviews


A rapidly growing firm with both a national and international focus. Our workforce comprises lawyers, tax lawyers, tax economists and business consultants. All of them have  all-round experience and their own specialist discipline. Experts among the very best in their particular field.

Our range of services is aimed at entrepreneurs operating in the SME and agricultural sectors. We therefore pay closer attention to the developments taking place in these sectors than any other, while continually seeking further opportunities and solutions.

In addition to providing tax services in the broadest sense of the term, our legal services are rapidly expanding, particularly in the field of corporate law, labour & social insurance law and administrative law (including spatial planning law).

Make closer acquaintance with our firm. Discover what we can do for you as an entrepreneur. By checking out our website. Or better still, by contacting one of our consultants personally, without further obligation. After all, a personal conversation is generally the best means for us to assure you of the added value we offer.